Ranchers Meat is the home of Texas Grass-fed Beef and Natural Meats. We are a collaboration of local farms and ranchers with headquarters at Hibiscus Hill Farm and Ranch. Our meat process business - Ranchers Meats, Inc. - is a meat processing facility near Bellville, Texas, where our grass-fed and pastured beef, lamb, hogs, goats and poultry are processed.

We collaborate with other local farmers and ranchers, and coops in the Fayette, Washington, Austin, Waller, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Brazoria county areas.

We began working with our meat process facility in 2007; in order to keep it open for ourselves, we approached other ranches and helped many of our competing pastured meat companies get into business. We verify that their cattle are healthy and that they are not sourced from outside Texas.

Our meat process facility is also Animal Welfare and Halal Approved, which means the animals are processed by hand.

Our poultry are processed at one of three family-operated USDA licensed facilities in the area. Most livestock are processed at Ranchers Meats, our own meat process facility.

NOTE: We do not verify that our competitors' cattle or livestock are local or 100% grass-fed or natural.

Ranchers Meat supplies local restaurants, kitchens and caterers. Ask us for our current customer list of restaurants and caterers whom we supply. Most of what we provide comes from our own operation, but we will source from others to meet the local demand of our customers. Where required, we only source locally.

Texas Meat FarmIn the past we purchased our started calves, hogs, and lamb from east Texas (including what was originally part of Texas in southwest Louisiana), and central and south Texas and chickens and turkeys from central and south Texas.

Our original bulls came from Mississippi and South Texas and the Sabine Valley. Our starter lamb stock came from East Texas, and our starter hog stock were locally sourced or purchased from South Texas. We hatch our own chickens (and turkeys). and we buy from good sources. Before the recession, we sold our chickens and turkeys from Greenville farm at local Dallas and Fort Worth area markets and local farmers markets where we were allowed to and to local restaurants.

The local sourcing requirements of and the definition of "local" varies quite a bit between farmers markets and businesses; we do not define local (as do many "local" or "natural food" stores) as within 800 miles including Mexico.

We also have worked with neighboring farms and have helped many who are learning to grow. Folks can intern at our farm and we usually have a few living in a home built around 1890 and which was originally located in Heights.

We lease pasture land and farm land from others and have paid them to help us with our cattle, chickens and to grow our produce. And for certain farmers markets where the markets have asked us to, we bring produce from our collaborating farms and distributors.

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