Hibiscus Hill Farm & RanchThe primary source for Ranchers Meats' Farm to Table food is Hibiscus Hill Farms and Ranch. Hibiscus Hill is farm located in the middle of Waller County about 50 miles due west of downtown Houston.

Both Rancher's Meats and the Hibiscus Hill Farm and Ranch are owned by Richard Bost, who founded our business some 25 years ago.

Richard manages Hibiscus Hill. The farm reflects his love for nature and natural systems. Richard Bost started his family business years ago by helping local restaurants and household to grow, and supplying local restaurants backyard produce.

Over the years, as sideline to his environmental consulting and family vacations with his kids, he researched natural systems and the ecological principles, which are the foundation of what many researchers began calling sustainability concepts in the early 1990's.

Richard bought a farm and ranch in 1999.

Rick is one of a group of friends who founded Texans for Urban Sustainability, a regional organization for sustainability (TexUS ROOTS) in order to share their knowledge with farmers, landscapers, nurseries, and landscape architects, and those who then created Green Movement Houston.

Through collaborations with the United States Department of Agriculture in Peoria, IL and College Station, TX, we have been able to identify the enhanced nutritional attributes of native plants and herbs. Beginning in 1999, we have transformed Hibiscus Hill farm and ranch into a grass-fed beef operation and farm. We continue to research how to operate a farm and ranch in a sustainable manner. With the help of USDA and USDOE competitive grants, we have created a natural grass-fed beef ranch and farm, while also conducting nutraceutical and biofuels research.

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